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Installation Procedure Corde Africa uPVC Column Pipe

  • Clean both ends of pipe and adaptors with water and check o-rings for damage.
  • Connect the bottom adaptor (S.S/C.I) ( Male BSP/Female square thread)to the pump discharge using a pipe wrench.
  • Connect the first length of pipe by screwing into the bottom adaptor.
  • Pipe can be hand tightened, while pouring water onto threads to act as lubricant, alternatively, a strap wrench can be used to afford a better grip on the pipe.
  • Tighten the subsequent pipes by hand, using water as a lubricant, until the external o-ring is seated in the coupling.
  • Attach the motor cable at regular intervals to the pipe, using cable ties, to avoid damage to the cable.
  • While lowering the pump and pipes into the borehole, the c-clamp must only be used on the portion of pipe marked “Clamp Here”
  • Once the last column to be lowered reaches ground level, Connect the top adaptor (Male Adaptor/Female pipe coupling.)
  • Attach fittings as required to transfer water.

NOTE:  A separate earth conductor must be used to earth the submersible motor, as these pipes are insulators.

NOTE:  These pipes should be stored flat, in a covered area, out of direct sunlight.