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We offer high quality energy efficient products at a good price, with excellent customer service. We aim to source and procure the best products for our customers.

Our range of Corde Borehole Motors (powered by Sumoto) are available in 4" Water Filled and 6" Oil Filled. We have recently added 230V 3Phase motors to our range, these motors are suitable for solar applications.

Our uPVC Borehole Column offers pressure ratings from 18 to 50 bar. uPVC rising mains offer low friction losses due to the smooth walls, ease of installation and transport due to the light weight and are impervious to poor quality water and build up of solids within the column.

Our latest range is the Corde-Jet Self Priming Stainless Steel Pumps and Controllers.
These pumps are ideal for use in domestic pressure boosting, supply from a storage tank, garden irrigation, light commercial irrigation and light industrial pressure boosting.